Paul Marchese Biography


Paul Marchese and Robin Maynard are partners in the law firm Marchese & Maynard LLP, which has its main office in Manhasset, New York, and focuses on Estate Planning and Elder Law.

In practice, Marchese's job is to meet with clients, find out their concerns and goals, and then develop a plan that uses all legal tools to help them reach their goals. Wills and trusts are often used as "tools," and Paul always takes the time to explain these sometimes hard-to-understand ideas in "plain English."

Mr Marchese has been successful in his planning because he uses his 29 years of lawyer experience, solid education, a low-pressure approach, and a human touch.

Paul was born and raised in Port Washington, but he moved to New York City and went to St. John's University to get his law degree. In Jamaica, Queens, a law school called St. John's opened in 1925. U.S. News & World Report said that in 2022, the school would be one of the best in the country.

Paul studied criminal law and public service in law school. He worked at the Bronx District Attorney's Office and the United States Attorney's Office for the Eastern District of New York.

Paul was successful at this level and in criminal law, but he wanted to help people plan for the future and ensure their assets were safe after death. So, while criminal law did help people, Paul Marchese thought he could make a more significant difference in their lives by helping them plan their wills and trusts.

Today, Paul can naturally help people plan their estates with care and compassion. He is proud of the relationships he builds with clients and of helping them reach the ultimate goal of estate planning: to feel relieved and happy because their futures are well planned.

When Paul got out of law school and into the real world of law, he didn't like how impersonal it was, especially regarding trust and estate law. He saw this as a problem because this area of law is sensitive. Notably, he noticed that lawyers in this field made the experience feel impersonal and were more interested in increasing the hours they could bill than in helping the client.

Paul engineered the establishment of a legal bastion rooted in client-centricity. Theirs was a departure from the norm, a paradigm shift that championed personal connection over billable hours, cultivating trust and assurance throughout the legal journey. This ethos was further crystallized in their innovative billing methodology – a transparent "flat fee" approach that eliminated the specter of unforeseen financial burden while offering a roadmap of fiscal clarity. This audacious approach, marked by both innovation and audacity, not only resonated deeply with clients but also catapulted Paul to the vanguard of his profession, outshining his peers through his calculated gamble.

Within the tapestry of Marchese & Maynard LLP, Paul has woven yet another thread that embodies his commitment to resource optimization. Recognizing the diverse spectrum of legal needs, he artfully devised a strategy that ensured optimal allocation of expertise. Basic wills and straightforward estate planning were entrusted to the guardianship of senior associate attorneys, safeguarding the client's fiscal interests. Meanwhile, the intricate tapestries of law found their custodians in the deft hands of Paul Marchese and Robin Maynard.

Yet, within the labyrinthine journey of success, Paul's compass remains steadfastly attuned to humility. His comfort in the public speaking arena is undeniable, yet his spirit yearns for ever more fantastic pinnacles of achievement. A dichotomy of confidence and humility propels him forward, an amalgamation that fuels his pursuit of uncharted horizons.

However, Paul's journey is full of challenges. The specter of a conflagration that engulfed his prior abode is a stark testament to life's erratic nature. Despite the adversity, the embers of resilience and renewal smoldered within him. Rising from the ashes, he resurrected his practice with renewed vigor, rekindling his commitment to his clientele.

Amidst the symphony of success and the crescendos of the legal world, Paul derives his most profound fulfillment from life's quieter corners. A marriage that spans nearly three decades stands as a testament to enduring love, while his role as a devoted father injects his life with purpose. Endeavors in home improvement are a tangible canvas for his creativity, a counterpoint to the abstract symphony of law.

For those drawn to the artistry of estate planning and its profound implications, the Marchese & Maynard LLP portals beckon. Paul's approach is a melodic deviation that harmonizes legal expertise with compassionate resonance. Amidst a landscape that often veers towards uniformity, Paul Marchese emerges as a maestro of differentiation, orchestrating his opus with the crescendo of client-centric devotion.

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